In the aftermath of the Dazzler synopsis, I was talking on twitter about retro-pop dance stuff, specifically the 2001-or-so vintage.

Not that it started in 2001, but the time and the place. I take it all from around here, with the flicker of Daft Punk’s future after their Homework here…

I fucking adore this. I’m what Tom Ewing describes as an indie dancer - I’m someone who prefers dance to songs rather than the endless groove of someone who truly loves dance music rather than a pop-leaning dilettante.

This is just one of the reasons why Kieron Gillen is (to me at least) one of, if not the, best creators working in comics today. His life experience and attitude toward this music and that era resonates with me in a way I was not fully expecting.  He puts into words a feeling I could only wish to express so succinctly.  Plus, the fact that he’s found a creative partnership with someone like Jamie McKelvie who I also identify very strongly with in terms of both taste and ethos just makes me joyful that I get to be around to experience it.

Kieron, if you happen to read this, thanks mate. The music really does sound better with you.  Now I’m gonna go make more motion graphics while blasting Discovery throughout the studio.